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software solutions to the post-acute health care industry
Rock-Pond Solutions extends the Mediware software
with business intelligence content, tools and services.


You spend a lot of money on software.  Everyone in your organization spends their day putting data into the system.  CareTend BI, developed by Rock-Pond Solutions, provides powerful standard reports to support all aspects of your business.
But sometimes, you need more.

And that is where Rock-Pond Services come in to save the day.



How are you handling your 340b data reporting requirements?  
Let us show you how easy it is with Rock-Pond.


How much time do you spend sending data outside your pharmacy?  It doesn’t have to be that hard.

Custom Development Services

“Are you spending too much time running your business without the information you need or spending too much time re-entering and re-formatting data from your Mediware software into Microsoft Excel to get what you need?  Call us, we can help.


“It’s important to define and communicate the metrics to measure and drive growth.  Showing the current status on FocusBoards throughout your organization improves focus and teamwork.”

Controlled Drug Reporting

“Coming Soon … automated controlled drug reporting especially designed for pharmacies who have to report controlled drugs to more than one state.  If you are interested in knowing when this is available, send us a message below and we’ll be in touch.”

Developer Tools

With the latest release of CareTend BI, we’ve given our customers the development tools we’ve used for 18+ years.  Now you can develop your own reports, dashboards, grids and cubes.
And its FREE.  Join the developer community today.
From Our Clients
Our measure of success is the value we deliver to our clients.

There’s nothing that makes us happier than to hear them tell us about it.

“With Rock-Pond’s Drug Program Reporting Service our 340b reporting is 100% accurate and automated, It has given us more time to focus on taking care of the needs of our patients.” Jeff M. Wills

President, CEO, Co-Founder, OptionOne

“It’s important to define and communicate the metrics we use to measure and drive growth.  Showing the current status on FocusBoards throughout our organization improves our focus and teamwork.”

Todd Timbrook
Chief Executive Officer, ContinuumRx

“The Rock-Pond development tools helped us streamline our business, take care of our patients and differentiate us against our competitors. We were able to turn OUR data into the information we needed.” Jonathan Ogurchuck

PharmD, CSP, Adjunct Professor, Specialty Pharmacy Management, University of Pittsburgh

“The reports, dashboards, grids and cubes in CareTend BI are great, but not as great as the ones I develop using the CareTend BI development tools!  If you have CareTend BI and haven’t joined the developer community, what are you waiting for?”

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